8 Effective Eye Bags Home Remedies

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Practically every morning I wake up, stagger to the bathroom and stare in the mirror at some truly drained, Eye Bags. Not a great approach to begin the day! If your under eye bags are dragging you down, surrender them a wake call with these simple, natural remedies.


The good news is that specialists say eye puffiness is not a consequence of not sleeping or even not resting soundly. The terrible news? Your day by day propensities and even hereditary qualities are at fault. Eye Bags Causes with under eye water retention, either abundance water or a development of lymphatic liquid. Disturbance and redness could be brought on by rubbing, unfavorably susceptible responses to cosmetics or something in our environments.



Eye Bags Home Remedies


Dark circles and puffy lower lids result from absence of rest, less than stellar eating routine, stretch, hormonal changes, and different triggers. You're going to find Eye Bags Home Remedies and dark circles securely and successfully without spending cash on costly over-the-counter creams.




Use cool cucumber for extra puffy eye relief. Place a cool slice on each eye and take a rest for 30 minutes. Afterward you’ll feel nice and refreshed.




Dip a cotton ball into cold milk and squeeze off the excess. Place on eyes to help shrink the under-eye tissue.


potato Slices


You can also make a ground potato poultice by grating potato and placing it in a few layers of cheesecloth. Lay over the eyes and reap the benefits.


Egg Whites


Beat up an egg white and apply it with a brush under the eyes. As it dries, it will tighten and tone the skin. Let it sit for 10-15 minutes then gently rinse.


Chamomile Tea


Chamomile is used to treat maladies all over the body so no shock that it also revives tired, puffy eyes and reduces redness. It can also provide relief for conjunctivitis and pink eye.


Aloe Vera Gel


It can help soothe tired eyes by moisturizing the skin and as long as relief. It may also help stop wrinkles.


Rose Water


Saturate a cotton ball with the rosewater and dab under eyes to reduce dark circles and refresh the skin.




Slice refrigerated strawberries. Lie down and place the slices on your eyes. Leave on 5-10 minutes.

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